The Mother Cow. History and Mithology of the Sacred Breast (II)



                                                                  As we move forward in time to ancient Greece, we discover that the word galaxy comes from the Greek Word for milk: gala, and that there are many legends that relate to the naming of our Galaxy the Milky Way. The oldest of this describes the starts that comprise our Galaxy as a herd of dairy cows whose milk produces the creamy appearance. This story probably emerged during an age when fertility, nurturing and creative abundance were seen as a blessing from the multinippled Mother Goddess.

                                                                  It amuses me that some male archaeologists still find it difficult to accept that the penduluos appendices attached to the chest wall of the goddess Artemis are indeed breasts; somehow, they prefer to see them as dates, eggs, and even scrotal sacs! Gentelmen, trust me: they are gorgeous, ample, sensuous breasts.

                                                                  Another story connected with the Milky Way tells us of the conflicto between Rhea, the primordial Mother, and her brother/husband Cronus, the god of time (later known as the Roman god Saturn). Cronus was seen as all-devouring and destructive, keeping mortals trapped through the illusion of time and thus unable to experience the grace of eternal life. Warned that he would be overthrown by his son in the same way that he had deposed and castrated his own father, Ouranos (Uranus), Cronus swallowed all the children born to his wife, Rhea. However, wishing to sabe her last son: Zeus, from this fate, she hid him from his father and offered Cronus a Stone wrapped in swaddling linens instead. Before Cronus swallowed the child, he asked Rhea to feed the child one last time; the milk, failing to penétrate the Stone, spurted across the sky to become the Milky Way. I believe this story reveals Rhea’s determination, as the Great Mother, to sabe her children from the bondage of time, reminding them of the continuous nurturing availabe to them all when they step beyond three-dimensional limitations and remember their universal origins. Interestingly, the Stone became the Omphalos Stone of Delphi, a symbol of the fruitfulness of Mother Earth.


The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman and

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